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Transdev Canada’s management team is dedicated to meeting the needs of all our divisions across Canada. Our management team is comprised of passionate professionals with complementary backgrounds and training, and ensures a senior presence in all regions across Canada.

<h2>Dominique Lemay</h2>

Dominique Lemay


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<h2>Sébastien Boudrias</h2>
<p>Director of IT and Telecommunications</p>

Sébastien Boudrias

Director of IT and Telecommunications

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<h2>Émile Cadieux</h2>
<p>Coordinator, Management Systems Excellence and Improvement</p>

Émile Cadieux

Coordinator, Management Systems Excellence and Improvement

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<h2>Nicole Dutilly</h2>
<p>Corporative Director – Finance and Control</p>

Nicole Dutilly

Corporative Director – Finance and Control

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<h2>Guy Malboeuf</h2>
<p>Director of Human Resources</p>

Guy Malboeuf

Director of Human Resources

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<h2>David Umbaugh</h2>
<p>General Manager, Transdev York Southwest – YRT</p>

David Umbaugh

General Manager, Transdev York Southwest – YRT

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<h2>Pierre Gagnon</h2>
<p>Director Operation</p>

Pierre Gagnon

Director Operation

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CEO of Transdev Canada and member of the Transdev family since 2014, Mr. Lemay has in-depth knowledge of the passenger mobility industry. He has led transportation activities for metro (subway), urban, long distance, school ,and Paratransit buses in large urban centres, as well as in more remote areas, in both the public and private sectors.

He led the Montréal Métro, with a team of 2,500 employees, from 2007 until 2014. During this period, he was sponsor of major projects such as: the building of a new, ultra-modern control centre, systems and infrastructure replacement and refurbishment totaling more than $1 billion dollars, and the acquisition of 468 new metro cars. During Mr. Lemay’s tenure, Montréal’s Métro was also acknowledged as one of the most productive undergrounds in the world, year after year.

Before running Montréal’s Métro, Mr. Lemay held several positions over the course of his 17 years with the STM (Société de Transport de Montréal): Director of train operations and OCC, Director of engineering, maintenance of equipment and systems, quality assurance for buses, stations management, and the coordination of emergency measures for both the bus and metro.

Before joining the STM, Mr. Lemay worked at the Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS) whose head office is in Geneva, for Coca-Cola as well as for Multitel, a Canadian telecommunications company. He was Chairman of Nova, the international benchmarking committee with members from around the world; Chairman of an APTA (American Public Transportation Association) sub-committee and member of the UITP metro assembly. He currently serves on the board of Transdev Canada and Cityway Canada. A guest speaker in Europe, Asia and America, Mr. Lemay gives lectures on the field of mobility.

His values and belief in the importance of human capital, his degree of expertise and an approach that steadfastly remains attuned to customer needs as well as the future, have all led the TotalRail organization to name Dominique Lemay #2 of the worldwide Top 50 most influential leaders in the metro industry in 2013.

Mr. Lemay is a professional engineer and holds an executive management certificate from HEC (Écoles des Hautes Études Commerciales de Montréal).

Director of IT and Telecommuncations at Transdev Canada since 2007.

Mr. Boudrias has in depth experience in the management of information technology in retail as well as transit sectors. He has led numerous projects that involved major industry changes, namely: the computerization of payments systems, implementation of the first Wi-Fi network in a fleet of mobile vehicles, integrating gateways to facilitate two-way software communications, and more. His experience and level of involvement on the company’s management committee provide him with a superior understanding of business and technology needs in order to achieve results.

Mr. Émile Cadieux has been Coordinator, Management Systems Excellence and Improvement at Transdev Canada since 2015.                          

A member of the Transdev family since 2012, Mr. Cadieux first served as a transportation analyst and then acting Deputy Director of CITSO (Conseil Intermunicipal de Transport du Sud-Ouest). He is responsible for the continuous improvement and operational optimization of our transport networks. An expert in his field, Mr. Cadieux has been key to many significant Transdev achievements, including the installation of a corporate operations management system, implementation of a daily performance indicators, and more.

Mr. Cadieux has a Bachelors degree in civil engineering with a specialization in transport from École Polytechnique.

Part of the Transdev team since 1994, Nicole Dutilly has been Corporate Director – Finance and Control since 2014.

A member of the Ordre des CPA-CA, Ms. Dutilly has built a solid experience in finance, following various strategic positions in accounting and finance, as well as in her role as partner at Samson Bélair Deloitte & Touche.

Ms. Dutilly’s depth of expertise allows her to fulfill many essential roles for Transdev in Canada. She is responsible for overseeing accounting departments, the internal control of administrative staff, and the preparation of monthly and annual consolidated financial statements, as well as annual audits, budgets, and other generated funds.

Ms. Dutilly is also in regular communication with representatives of financial institutions and, monthly, with senior financial management in Chicago and Paris. What’s more, she works with principal Transdev clients.

Ms. Dutilly holds a BA in Administrative Science, Accounting.

Guy Malboeuf has been Director of Human Resources for Transdev Canada since 2012.

Mr. Malboeuf has gained extensive experience in human resources management in unionized and evolving environments. A professional of the highest order, Mr. Malboeuf has led numerous projects involving major changes for the company, including: implementation of innovative IT, mergers, and more. Furthermore, these projects were conducted in a climate of collaboration and partnership with all parties. His experience in operations management and within public utility companies gives him a unique understanding of the importance of quality customer service and operational flexibility in order to achieve results. Mr. Malboeuf has also built up a strong foundation and expertise in the management of union contracts.

Employers of renown who have been fortunate to have worked with Mr. Malboeuf include: Gaz Métro, CUM, Rolls Royce Canada, and Arcelor Mittal.

Mr. Malboeuf holds a BA in Industrial Relations from McGill University. Guy Malboeuf’s vision of consistently progressing forward via best practices has prompted him to regularly pursue continuing education at H.E.C., the CSST, and the Elogia Group, among others.

Mr. Umbaugh has been part of the Transdev family since 2003, when he started as General Manager of what was then called Veolia Transportation in Maryland (U.S.), before joining the Transdev Canada Vaughn facility in 2015.

David Umbaugh began serving as General Manager for the Transdev York Southwest Region Transit Service (YRT) in August of 2015. In this role, his 20+ years experience as a results-oriented and seasoned leader is key to the development and implementation of new, risk-reduction programs, contract performance optimization, and enhanced operational effectiveness.

Before joining Transdev, Mr. Umbaugh served as District Manager of Greyhound Lines In Florida, where he supervised the transportation operations of Florida, South Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Previously, as Driver Manager for Greyhound Lines in Florida, he led the passenger line haul operations throughout the Southwestern United States as well as upstate New York.

David Umbaugh holds a Bachelor of Arts Studies, with Academic Honors, from Eastern Illinois University and has pursued numerous professional development training and certifications throughout his career.

Director Operation at Transdev Canada since January 2017, Mr. Gagnon has a tremendous experience in transportation operations.

He has been involved in transportation for more than 30 years, 20 of which were at a management level with unionized employees. He is an outstanding leader combined with great communication skills. His management style is based on team work, accountability and transparency. In everything he does, Mr. Gagnon values focus on the customer’s satisfaction and the optimisation of the results.

For more than 28 years, he combined multiples experience with different positions within the Société de Transport de Montréal. That experience brought him an integrated vision of the service delivery process.

In January 2016, he joints the Transdev team as the Director of the Boisbriand division. After a year of excelling in that role, he was promoted to the Director, Operations for Transdev Canada where he oversees the delivery of the service for all our contrats.