Our values

Our core values form the pillars of our business, representing our philosophy, principles and social responsibility. These are the values that guide the choices and practices of each of Transdev’s 83,000 employees around the globe.

Our core values are a daily commitment for each individual, resulting in a collective dedication.

Our philosophy:

At Transdev, safety is paramount.

Whether it be for our passengers or of our employees, safety is at the very heart of what we do. Of course, it is a legal obligation, but for Transdev it goes beyond that: it is also ethical and moral. What’s more, we constantly enforce the highest standards, both across our networks and on our premises. This continuous investment in improvement puts us on the lookout for opportunities to enhance our process. Our employees attend awareness and training programs that make them experts not just in their own security, but their colleagues and especially our passengers as well.

Safety is yet another individual commitment that also becomes a collective mission.

Our values

Passion, performance, commitment, and partnership are the cornerstones that drive Transdev employees worldwide.

These values act as filters for all decisions and actions. They influence not only our working practices, but also our relationships with others, both internally and externally. These values form a bond between Transdev and our employees and act as both worth ethic and code of conduct.


At Transdev, we strive, every day, to create workplace and workflow synergy across all teams. After all, this is how everyone can deliver their best and meet the high standards we impose upon ourselves.

This obligation to ourselves, at every level, is our guarantee of quality and success. It is this commitment that each of us makes that allows Transdev to offer our customers efficient and sustainable mobility solutions.


Transdev believes in becoming partners with each client, all communities and every traveller. Our collective strength and diversity helps us build strong relationships based on trust and understanding.

We act with honesty, integrity and transparency to ensure only the best results.

Transdev is a reliable, innovative and dedicated partner.


Operating infrastructures and managing teams on five continents is a significant challenge. But the diversity in cultures and points of view is one of Transdev’s greatest strengths.

We are proud to have built a business based on tolerance and respect for others. Establishing a constructive dialogue respectful of everyone is how we ensure that each of our employees can give and be at their best. Each member of the Transdev team adds value and is a source of inspiration.