Transdev out in the world

Who is Transdev?

Active in 19 countries and 83,000 employees strong, Transdev is the worldwide reference for sustainable mobility and multimodal transport.

In our changing world, public transit needs are evolving and rapidly becoming ever more complex. To meet the needs of both our communities and travellers, Transdev designs, develops and operates innovative and sustainable mobility solutions. We create integrated transport networks that improve mobility as well as the travel experience of our passengers.

Worldwide multimodal expertise

Transdev’s expertise is put into action across 13 different modes of transport, including rail, metro, tram, bus, transport on demand, car sharing, etc. This means we can offer our customers complete, integrated and sustainable solutions, providing an optimal mobility experience for our passengers.

As leaders in the public transit sector, we offer our customers safe, reliable, innovative, and environmentally friendly transportation systems. Our integrated solutions result in economical, safe and ecologically sound performance

Best practices and innovation

Our collaborative approach has made us an innovative and reliable partner for both customers and passengers. We have long-established continuous improvement programs in place in order to ensure that best practices are implemented each and every day. Our personalized services and customer-centric focus are our guarantee of quality—today and into the future.

Indeed, we are taking full advantage of the digital revolution in order to develop and propose a simpler and more pleasant and cost-effective travel experience for our customers. It’s our way of anticipating the challenges of tomorrow, participating fully in the mobility—as well as the digital—revolution. This is an important vector that we’ve chosen to explore to improve service for passengers: pioneering ticketing and information solutions to better support every traveller. Digitally-based solutions not only mean more freedom and simplicity, they are also help personalize customer relationships and streamline network management.

Passengers are at the heart of it all

The traveller is at the very centre of our business. Across the globe, Transdev’s mission is to provide excellent service for all. As such, our customers are our first experts: they know their own needs. Listening to them is a priority and the basis for our continuous improvement process.

Our team takes passenger transport seriously and has a passion for it. This is our culture and the main concern of all our employees. We train daily to apply the best practices of our industry and to be proactive when it comes to improvement. It is that individual commitment that allows the quality of our collective performance to remain at an extremely high level. And that is what keeps Transdev at the forefront; a worldwide transport reference.

A responsible company

In all countries, we have made social and environmental responsibility a cornerstone of our development. In 2010, Transdev adopted the ISO 26000 standard, which defines and assesses corporate social responsibility. This standard serves as our inspiration for the roadmap that makes Transdev a responsible company in all our practices—both internal and external, as well as in all fields of sustainable development. As a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact as well as the UITP Sustainability Charter, Transdev is also cofounder of the “Bridging the Gap” initiative, which has become the voice of sustainable mobility during international negotiations on climate. By accepting the day-to-day challenge to work on these issues and agreeing on the most pressing ones, Transdev hopes to transform public transport networks into a greener whole.

Building on its fundamental and guiding principles, Transdev works to add value on the economic, society and environmental stages. Our local roots, combined with our global resources have led us to apply innovative solutions local and specific problems.