Our commitment

Our success depends on our team

Our employees are key to our success. That is why respect for each member of the Transdev team is paramount. What’s more, we make sure to take care of employee needs through a code of conduct, training programs as well as an extremely positive work environment.

Transdev is recognized as an employer of choice because we offer excellent working conditions. Furthermore, providing our employees with opportunities to grow is something we take very much to heart.

Transdev demonstrates just how much we value our employees, not only with competitive compensation, but with a work philosophy that stresses teamwork as well as mutual respect and consideration. Everyone’s point of view and role are important. This way of thinking and acting ensures that each employee feels valued as an important member of the team. We also offer opportunities for advancement and career development that open up progressive pathways for all our employees.

Our commitment to our customers, as well as to the environment, is a source of great pride for the Transdev team. We strive for excellence in all areas—particularly when it comes to customer satisfaction. Imagining the mobility of tomorrow and being a part of that evolution is a source of collective and individual fulfillment.

Transdev’s commitment to and respect for the environment gives each employee an important role in the fight against climate change. This represents a daily source of satisfaction: the fact that we are working to provide a better world for our children.

Diversity is also essential to Transdev’s continuing success. Our presence on five continents enriches us through diverse cultures, communities and points of view. This ensures a wide variety of experiences and ideas. We are able to draw upon a great wealth of innovation and the ability to adapt to the different contexts and challenges faced by our customers. Transdev also promotes diversity via our recruitment policy, our communications and our commitment to local communities.