Our Professions

Become a driver

The driver is the cornerstone of service for passengers, not just because the driver is their guarantee of comfort and safety, but also because the physical representative and embodiment of the company’s image. Therefore, this important role needs operational monitoring.

Drivers alone represent 80% of the Groupe Transdev’s workforce.

The driver is responsible for the passengers in their care, so they must react to traffic conditions accordingly, and be environmentally proactive.

They are the first contact with passengers and must ensure a high level of customer service: courtesy, a ready smile, and a feel for service are essential qualities.

The driver is in constant contact with the control centre and is responsible for reporting incidents: traffic problems, accidents, issues with passengers, etc. The control centre can then react in a timely manner to reduce the impact on passengers.

The driver is also on the receiving end of things, since they take in the tickets/fares.

Each driver must ensure the technical monitoring of the vehicle in their charge and prepare it for the beginning of each service. Safety is always a priority.

In order to carry out all these tasks, our drivers complete specialized training at the beginning of their career with us. They must also complete continuing education programs offered throughout their careers, which means they are always aware of best practices and remain attentive to the details that guarantee service excellence.


The mechanic is a crucial link in the Transdev operational chain. The mechanic must diagnose, maintain and repair all vehicles in the fleet. Our vehicles are our tools, what we need to conduct our work, and therefore, must remain at both peak operating efficiency and the height of safety. Such are the standards we have imposed upon ourselves.

The mechanic’s mission is to keep our vehicles in good condition and in compliance with all safety standards. To do this, the mechanic ensures monitoring and maintenance, to both prevent and repair. The mechanic also conducts the various technical inspections and makes sure all repairs are carried out swiftly, both In the garage or outdoors.

Our maintenance and repair procedures meet the highest standards, particularly with regard to safety. Nothing is more important to us than the safety of our passengers and our employees.

The mechanic is at the heart of our operations and guarantees the safety and ultimately, the satisfaction of our clients and passengers.