Our commitment: promoting the use of collective public transports and individual shared transport solutions.

Offering travelers a flexible and seamless travel solution means thinking “multi-modally”; with our subsidiary Véloway, we have four objectives:

  • integrate cycling into a global travel policy;
  • encourage the use of public transport by offering bicycle services at crucial inter-modal points (stations, park and ride facilities);
  • unburdening city centres with flexible bike solutions;
  • Adapt the offer to the specific needs of each user.
self-service bicycles
bicycles for rent in agencies
parking spaces

Our added value: l’expertise territoire

Our subsidiary, Veloway, builds on our large experience and our partnerships with local authorities to offer mobility solutions. Through our teams of experts, we provide support functions (studies and designs of offers), operation, maintenance and marketing of three bicycle business lines:

  • self-service;
  • rentals in agency: medium or long term rentals and services for cyclists (tire inflating, washing, information, anti-theft marking, etc.);
  • Parking: secure and organised parking spots near attractive centres and inter-modal exchange points.

Did you know?

Favouring the use of multi-modality means above all offering impeccable mobility services. As part of a logic of continuous improvement, we are developing a “bicycle” quality label. Standards, risk management, satisfaction surveys: we follow an internal certification procedure to ensure the proper implementation and control of the service.

Veloway, a trusted partner

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Transdev, Veloway uses its expertise and feedback from long-term collaboration with local authorities: 

  • advice: a team of “bike experts” for the setting up and managing of services;
  • event organisation: On-site events and targeted marketing campaigns to encourage changes in behaviours and mentalities;
  • transparency: Analytical, methodical and shared monitoring that allows local authorities to confidently evaluate the performance of the services they delegate to us.

Beyond the simple supply of equipment, we provide real support to assist local authorities in their transition to soft mobility solutions.

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