Our activities in Canada

As the most important multimodal company of passenger transportation in Canada, we offer a wide range of services to communities: transit, paratransit, student transportation, medical transportation, rail, shuttle, microtransit, on demand transportation, charter services and much more.

We design, develop and operate innovative mobility solutions with uncompromising safety and committed knowledge of passengers coast to coast.

Our modes of transportation

Our goal is to bring all Canadians together and provide them with safe, reliable and innovative mobility solutions with operations throughout Canada.


In Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia and the Northwest Territories , Transdev Canada operates contracts for cities and transit agencies in both urban and rural areas.


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Intercity Bus

Connecting cities and enabling passengers to travel longer distances in comfort, security and with peace of mind are key goals of Transdev’s intercity bus teams.


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Student Transportation

Transdev Canada offers student transportation in Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and the Northwest Territories. We service many school boards, transporting young children to and from school every day.


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Transdev Canada offers lightrail, metro and heavy rail services. We currently service Ontario public agencies to develop and operate new lightrail and metro systems through 30+ years Public Private Partnerships (PPP).


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Autonomous Mobility

Autonomous vehicles are the cornerstone of a rapidly changing mobility landscape.

Our goal is to help clients launch autonomous operations that blend seamlessly with existing mobility options, expand connections within your community and enhance the footprint of public transit.


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Medical Transportation

Transdev Canada operates non-emergency medical patient transportation in Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba. Everyday hundreds of hospitals, longterm care facilities and clinics rely on us to accompany patients on their journey of care.


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We operate paratransit services in Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. Our mission is to ensure that we provide accessible and specialized services to passengers who require special need.


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Fleet maintenance

At Transdev, our maintenance team is dedicated to preserving and restoring the investment of our clients. With experience on diesel, CNG and electric bus fleets our maintenance technicians specialize in bringing a wide skill set to perform diagnostic and predictive repairs that keep fleets on the road and in revenue service.


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