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As the leading zero-emission mobility operator in Europe, we are committed to the development of digital, technological and energy solutions, enabling the cleanest form of transport and adapted to changes in user practices

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Transitioning to a greener future

In Canada,and around the world,we are committed to the urgent need to stand together in the fight against global warming. With this commitment,Transdev Canada to date has a total fleet of over 100 electric school buses.


At Transdev Canada, we have chosen to make a specific energy transition for school transportation in Quebec due to the dynamic local ecosystem and the fact that the energy produced locally is mostly hydroelectric, making it among the cleanest in the world. The introduction of these vehicles guarantees a 99% reduction in pollution when compared with thermal vehicles. It also demonstrates our commitment to build a greener tomorrow for future generations and today’s passengers of our yellow buses.



Transdev Canada also has The Transdev Academy bus which is self-sufficient when powering the simulator and the heating system, thanks to its 10 solar panels on the roof.



Committed to reducing our carbon footprint together

In Europe, Transdev is leading operator in zero-emission mobility. We are committed to the development of digital, technological and energy solutions, which enable the cleanest form of transport and adapt to changes in user practices.


To date, there is no universal solution forzero emissions. Innovation is required to support territories in theirenergy transition. Whether it is all electric or with hydrogen, we operate the largest fleet of ZE buses in the world. At the end of 2022, this fleet reached 1,800 zero-emission buses in operation or on order. It is thanks to this expertise that we can advise our partners in the choice of greener and cleaner mobility solutions.