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As a major player in airport mobility, we are leader in the airport shuttle segment in the USA. Our added value? In-depth knowledge of travellers’ needs and extensive international experience.

Airport management services in Perpignan and Carcassonne: We exploit and ensure the correct functioning of all airport platform activities.

While we do not ensure total airport management, we provide numerous logistics services. On the Parisian Orly and Roissy Airport platforms, we manage a range of activities for airport authorities and companies:

  • airfreight (runway transport to and from aircraft and pallet production);
  • fuel distribution (service and cleaning stations);
  • airport parking management;
  • snow removal.

What convinced us to work with Transdev? Great customer service and upper management team.

Ken Dill, Sourcing

Airport shuttles, express inter-terminal and inter-car park lines, buses, chauffeur driven cars and SUVs: we provide shuttle services to passengers, airline crews and platform support staff to take them where they want to go: from city centres to airports, from terminals to car parks, between terminals and to planes parked on the airport periphery.


We provide 70 aircraft companies solutions designed to deal with their daily mobility issues to and from airports, cities and hotels, and ensure the transportation of:

  • airline crews to and from airport terminals and hotels;
  • passengers between terminals and aircraft on runways;
  • passengers in the event of emergencies, such as diverted flights, changes in flight schedules, strikes, weather conditions, etc.
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fully managed airports: Carcassonne and Perpignan
Aéroport, compagnie aérienne, transdev, mobilité

In Paris, we operate a fleet of 140 buses and coaches and, with the recent acquisition of Flybus (a subsidiary of Avico), we now manage all passenger and aircrew transport for Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Airport. We also provide runway transport services for passengers and aircrews at the airports in Nice, Toulouse and Marseille.


In London, we have been present since 1965 at London Heathrow via CCH Aviation Logistics which ensures the transfer of aircrews for commercial and private flights.

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Our subsidiary, Golden Touch, provides runway transport solutions for passengers on regional Delta Airlines flights in the three major New York airports: JFK International, LaGuardia and Newark Liberty. An airport shuttle service also transports airline crews and airport staff between car parks and air terminals.

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In Chile, we have just signed a contract with LATAM Airline, the largest airline company in South America. In conjunction with our subsidiary, Redvan, we provide door-to-door shuttle services for the airline’s staff based in the Santiago Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport. We transport more than 650 passengers every day from their homes to the airport.

Did you know?

Our shared, autonomous-vehicle mobility services provide an interesting and customized solution to address issues regarding the transport needs of flight crews and passengers on airport runways.

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aéroport, compagnie aérienne, navette, transdev, mobilité

Passenger transport to and from airports

We provide services to airports and airlines, as well as solutions to transport passengers from city centres to airports and ensure their return home by the means of transport that suits them best: coach, shared shuttle, chauffeur driven car, taxi, etc. with Golden Touch and Flygbussarna.

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