Healthcare institutions

As a global mobility specialist, we strive to facilitate and streamline access to medical services for all. As such, we offer customised and optimised medical transport solutions for patients and healthcare establishments.

Our in-depth knowledge of medical transport, a key link in the healthcare chain, makes us the ideal partner for healthcare establishments enabling them to focus on their core business while keeping health insurance costs under control.


That is why we developed our healthcare mobility services offer (Santé Mobilité Services or SMS); a two-pronged solution comprising: Optimos, which offers support to healthcare establishments, and Carius, a network dedicated to medical transport professionals. SMS is an initiative involving the Transdev Group and independent professional players in the medical transport sector.

Optimos: a range of customised services

With Optimos, which includes a platform of 24/7 logistics operators, digital tools and hospital logistics experts, we can help healthcare establishments coordinate medical transport. We address this specific need by optimising patient flows.

medical trips coordinated by the logistics platform
of orders processed in less than 15 minutes
savings recognised by the French medical insurance body CPAM

Carius partners' network: anticipating and accompanying change in the sector

Regional reorganisation, digital revolution, outpatient healthcare services, new players: by drawing on our local strongholds and expertise, we lend support to independent medical transport players who have seen a transformation in their business. As a truly “connected partner”, we enable members of the network to benefit from unique digital tools and services, as well as training modules via mobile learning solutions concerning the most advanced regulating algorithms to optimise driver journey planning.

French departments covered

For patients, we have developed groundbreaking digital medical transport initiatives with the Carius app which offers:

  • user access to reserve ambulances, lightweight ambulances and official, health-insurance approved taxis in just a few clicks;
  • vehicle geolocation;
  • medical consultation reminders;
  • the possibility of rating your transport.

In just a few clicks, patients can easily plan their transport with the knowledge that they can count on a reliable service.

First in France: our application can be downloaded free-of-charge from sur App Store and GooglePlay

Witte Kruis: the medical transport leader in the Netherlands

Thanks to its operational excellence underpinned by its sophisticated procedures, together with its well trained team and cutting-edge IT system, Transdev Nedereland’s ambulance services provider, Witte Kruis, has become the leader in the medical transport sector in the Netherlands.

Equipped with mobile phones and real-time IT systems, ambulance teams are able to transmit a first diagnosis to hospital medical teams and inform them of their location.


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IntelliRide in the USA: a complete transport brokering service

Our subsidiary in the USA manages transport call centres and enables us to oversee booking and planning services. We offer passengers multimodal transport solutions (taxi, public minibus, etc.) by drawing on the services of several public transport organisations, such as those in San Francisco, Oakland and Pittsburgh. A transport brokering model for agencies such as “Medicaid” and “Managed Care Organisation” in the states of Nebraska and Hawaii and in the city of Detroit. The key features: lower transportation costs, regularly audited professional services and transparent billing.


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