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Feasibility studies, advisory services and project management: via our subsidiary, Transamo, we commit to serving the common good and support local authorities at all stages of their transport and mobility projects.

In all public transport segments (metro, bus rapid transit, tramway, tram-train, cable car, rail, water-way shuttle), our subsidiary, Transamo, provides support to local authorities and transport managers in the form of case studies, advisory services and project management assistance.

Our offer comprises four key areas of expertise:

  • project management: end-to-end monitoring from project inception to commercial launch: we assist clients, or act on their behalf, in delegating project supervision responsibility;

  • mobility studies: planning documents, transport and travel plans, feasibility studies and programming: we help local authorities develop and carry out their projects;

  • systems, maintenance & operations: multi-disciplinary, technical expertise (rolling stock, warehouses, passenger information and operational support system, ticketing, energy, transport lanes, etc.): we guarantee project feasibility, sustainability and operability;

  • advisory services & project management: contractual arrangements, project management, regulatory procedures, communication strategies, etc….our consultants provide the methods and tools needed to structure and pilot projects while respecting performance objectives, timeframes and costs.

Being essential features of high performance mobility, innovation and daring form an integral part of the planning process we use to adapt our proposals to technological developments and new needs (energy transition, autonomous vehicles, MaaS, ticketing, etc.).

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local authorities and partners

Multi-disciplinary teams

With our teams of engineers, project managers, architects, urban planners, geographers, economists, lawyers, etc., we draw on all the expertise necessary to provide a support service of excellence. In addition: the guarantee that your projects will be monitored correctly while respecting performance objectives, as well as project timeframes and costs.

Our in-depth knowledge of operational projects gives us feedback on the systems put in place. All of our advice and solutions are underpinned by expertise acquired on the ground.

Vincent Cordonnier, CEO of Transamo

Our strength: knowing how to build on what already exists

With our in-depth knowledge of operational systems, we also provide solutions to improve the efficiency and quality of service of existing transport networks.

  • auditing of existing lines;
  • network restructuring studies;
  • commercial speed enhancement;
  • integration of new lines;
  • diagnosis, strategy and implementation of solutions for the energy transition.

Did you know?

At the beginning of 2018, Transamo won its first contract to carry out a transport study in Cameroon in sub-Saharan Africa with the aim of developing a Sustainable Urban Transport Plan (SUTP) for the city of Yaoundé.


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Transamo, a trusted partner

Choosing Transamo is the guarantee you will benefit from our unparalleled feedback. We master all the technical, administrative, legal, economic and financial aspects of the process by efficiently anticipating the risks inherent to such complex projects.


By combining these technical skills and our values (listening, respect, availability and results driven), we are always at the forefront of knowledge in the field of urban mobility. Transamo is a trusted partner for public and private customers.

Some Transamo transportation projects:

  • Le Mans, lines 1, 2 and 3: tramway and bus rapid transit;
  • Montpellier, lines 1, 2, 3 and 4: tramway;
  • Mulhouse, lines 1 and 2: tramway and tram-train;
  • Orléans, line 1: tramway;
  • Tours, line1: tramway;
  • Metz, Mettis: bus rapid transit;
  • Nantes, Chronobus: bus rapid transit.

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Vincent Cordonnier
Chief executive officer

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