Traveller knowledge

Today, mobility means first and foremost the experience of the traveller. Instantaneity, total personalisation, door-to-door services, etc. -- We innovate every day in order to improve this experience, thanks to our knowledge of customer uses and needs.

Customer observation is at the heart of our concerns. We follow the quality of service on a daily basis, thanks to a rigorous body of studies. Our objective? To best understand the expectations of every passenger and especially the transformations in uses that are currently underway.


  • regional studies: mobility observatories, ethnographic research, Data Science, etc.
  • thematic studies: perception of fraud among our travellers, desire for Maas-type solutions, privileged sales channels, etc.
  • studies by target: for example, the “Digital travellers” study made it possible to understand the contribution of digital technology to mobility and to adapt our solutions

We open new ways to explore customer knowledge to monitor generational developments, particularly with 2.0 index monitoring: digital traces, communities of travellers, social media, etc.

Transdev has developed an innovative survey tool, the Transdev Mobilities Observatory (TMO). It is based on an in-depth study of traveller behaviour and trends specific to each region. With 55 surveys conducted since 2009 and more than 70,000 respondents, among both customers and non-customers, the TMO provides useful information for deploying mobility solutions that are as close as possible to the expectations of users.

Did you know?

  • Four out of five people prefer walking 5 more minutes to have a bus twice as frequently

  • 70% of trips are not obligatory in nature (leisure, shopping, visits, etc.)

  • the websites and applications are the most used search tool for information on public transport for young people (15-24 years old)

The customer experience at the centre of our efforts with T.ex

To improve day-to-day mobility, all of our research is based on the same approach: the adoption of the user’s point of view. We build our expertise around a “T.ex” approach. It consists analysing the itineraries of travellers, which allows us to identify the points of improvement in all its components. This allows our offer to create a positive experience among travellers, increase the attractiveness of the network and renew customer loyalty. The T.ex programme received the Customer/Citizen Experience Award from the French Association of Customer Relations (AFRC).

Did you know?

Thanks to our “Customer Focus” programme, we were awarded the Collaborator Experience Award by the AFRC in 2015. By involving our employees in the creation of a culture of customer service at all levels of the company, “Customer Focus” aims both to retain users and to make the teams stronger: a real lever for improving the customer experience.

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Our commitment: ensuring the satisfaction of our customers

To better understand the present and future needs of the population, we have developed tools for measuring and listening to travellers:


  • Opinion Box terminals on buses allow a dynamic exchange with the users and an “agile” understanding of customer needs;
  • the Web’vibe tool scans social networks to gather travellers’ opinions;
  • the Meet the managers solution allows users to directly contact Transdev managers;
  • measurements of traveller satisfaction and quality of service allow us to investigate a network directly, to ensure a higher quality approach;
  • Listen, our claims management programme, deployed in 150 networks, ensures efficient management of our clients’ requests;
  • we have a very long experience in customer contact centres, with high quality and efficiency requirements. With the arrival of the new digital tools, we would like to be proactive in the transformation of the centres, which remain privileged points of contact with travellers.

Our support: retaining travellers and winning their business

Maintaining an active and personalised relationship with all regular and occasional subscriber travellers is the foundation of a successful marketing policy, as well as the best insurance for increasing revenue growth. In order to achieve this goal, we can support you by offering effective, powerful and scalable solutions for the design and multichannel management of marketing campaigns. These customer relationship tools allow us to target our offers.