Tourist agencies, Event planners

Event and tourist transport is one of our core areas of expertise in France. Our strength lies in our customised offer that draws on our in-depth knowledge of our customers and regions.

As the leader in France in the coach transport segment with Isilines, we provide tourist agencies and event organisers support services of the finest quality that are underpinned by our expertise in four key areas:

  • Business and leisure tourism: for professional programmes and circuits, as well as for personnel transport (Air France, Expedia, etc.
    Our strengths: a variety of coach sizes, multi-modal offer, multi-lingual team, booking platform, historic national expertise;
  • Event tourism: group transport solutions for regional, national and international events (Les Napoléons, COP 21, etc.)
    Our strengths: a solid regional network, sales monitoring unit, experience in dealing with airports and railways, logistics expertise, coordination, capacity to mobilise large fleets of mixed vehicles;
  • “Themed” shuttles for occasional transport needs: festivals, concerts, seasonal tourist destinations (Château de Versailles, Disneyland Paris, etc.)
    Our strengths: integrated solutions with shuttles, multi-channel booking, on-board ticketing systems;
  • Sports events transport: sports clubs and federations in France and in Europe (French Handball Federation, PSG, etc.)
    Our strengths: team accompaniment, travel packs, coach interior layout adapted to accommodate athlete recovery, coaches personalised in team colours.
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Our added value: serving the regions

With a hundred or so operating companies we can provide a solid local network in urban centres. This in-depth local knowledge enables us to act as a real coordinator: to ensure on-the-spot liaison with local authorities, police and event organisers. Our offers enhance the regions by acting as a partner in local activities.



Have you thought about autonomous-vehicle mobility services?


These innovative solutions are designed to facilitate transport for your customers to your event and to help them get around when they are there. This was the case during the Foire de Sens where visitors had access to autonomous shuttles to get around, and in Jacksonville, where we provided supporters transport from the car park to the stadium.


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