At Transdev, protecting yourself and others is essential

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As a mobility leader in Canada and around the world, it is essential for us to uphold our corporate social responsibility, but also our ethical responsibilities in protecting the rights and integrity of everyone.

As part of an important ethical initiative, Transdev Canada has set up a management system that allows collaborators to know “how to correctly proceed”. A specific procedure for reporting illegal or inappropriate behaviour has been put in place, following well-defined stages intended to ensure that corrective measures or sanctions are taken by the relevant bodies, once an alert has been verified, if it proves to be well-founded.

Therefore, several tools have been developed and made available to all members. Among these tools is the Code of Business Conduct, grounded on Transdev Group values and applicable to all its collaborators. It serves as a framework to help them in their day-to-day decision-making process, describes the fundamental principles that govern our collaborators and their professional approach, while providing the means to enable any person to act effectively so these essential principles are respected.

An alert system accessible to all, Transdev collaborators and stakeholders

Committed to Ethics and Compliance, Transdev has deployed a simple reporting system that allows anyone, whether internal or external to the company – suppliers, customers, partners – to quickly report a malfunction or a compliance problem – harassment, corruption, abuse – while being protected.

Accessible through the SpeakUp® platform, this simple and secure whistleblowing solution allows whistleblowers to remain anonymous if they wish. To access it, click here


Actions aligned with the Commitment and Ethical principles of the Transdev Group

Our ethical principles reflect our commitment and that of the Group to all stakeholders. They also convey the values that make Transdev a passionate, committed, efficient and partner group.

Transdev has always gather its talents to serve the common good. Our greatest strength is to be resolutely turned towards people. We rely on all our collaborators to act and make decisions in accordance with strong ethical principles.

Therefore, we encourage them to make decisions in line with our fundamental values. Giving everyone the means to defend these values of integrity and good living together is a priority to us.

Listening, respect, inclusion and fairness are shared principles that we uphold every day within the organisation and have contributed to our Great Place to Work® Canada certification.

At Transdev, we ensure consistency in our actions and words.

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