Providing All Students a Safe, Reliable and Caring Back to School 2021 Experience: Our Priority!

Autobus scolaire électrique - Transdev Canada

On August 30 in Quebec, September 7 in Ontario, and everywhere in Canada, we are ready to accompany you throughout this new school year in a particular context of global pandemic and health measures.

Covid-19 has changed our lives and reshaped the way we move around. It is our responsibility as a leader in public transportation in Canada and around the world to live up to your expectations and the trust you place in our public mobility solutions, including student transportation. At Transdev, we are committed to improving your daily life and that of your children through safe, reliable and comfortable school transportation.

Our responsibility: To protect your health and your children’s

Working closely with communities and school boards, our teams keep up-to-date on the latest provincial and federal decisions on Public health for preparing the return to school of elementary and secondary students. We make sure to follow the directions set out by public health authorities to provide all students and our staff a right balance between safety and well-being.

Driven by a noble purpose, all our drivers regularly participate in workshops and training sessions on safety instructions, daily disinfection of buses, respect of barrier gestures, quality control and energy consumption. We can proudly say that our school bus fleets are back on the road and ready to pick up our youngest citizens.

It is thanks to this mobilization and daily commitment that we can always offer you a safe school transportation service. We are extremely grateful to all our employees, especially those in the field who do a remarkable job to ensure all the students are safely transported to school.

Improving quality of life with innovative, clean and sustainable school buses

Transdev’s approach is and always will be to work sustainably with communities and businesses to provide safer, innovative mobility for the common good.

As part of our energy transition strategy, in 2020 Transdev Canada became the largest private electric school bus operator in North America with a fleet totaling 31 electric school buses already on the road in Quebec, the Eastern Townships and Montérégie regions.

We believe that improving your quality of life, preserving the planet and thinking about future generations through green technologies and renewable energies is fully our responsibility. As a leader in the energy transition in Europe, our goal is to electrify 100% of our school bus fleet in Quebec by 2025. Among all major benefits, starting with improving children’s health and reducing our carbon footprint, this transition represents a major development involving new challenges and opportunities. To achieve this goal, we are working with two key local partners, the Quebec government and Lion Électrique, a Quebec-based company.

As we are truly looking forward to riding them on their first day of school, and accompanying them for a year-round, we wish all future students, young and old, a sunny and memorable end of summer with family and friends!

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