Transdev, on the way to zero emission school transportation in Quebec in 2025!

Transdev, en route pour un transport scolaire zéro émission au Québec en 2025

Today, on this Monday, July 4, 2022, we are thrilled to announce an important step for the future of school transportation in Quebec and Canada.

Convinced that the energy transition is one of the challenges of our century, Transdev Canada is doubling its fleet of electric school buses by acquiring 30 new buses from its historical partner: the Quebec company Lion Electric.

A strong commitment to the energy transition, for our health and that of our children.


Since 2017, we have invested heavily in sustainable and ecological mobility in Canada. Transdev was among the very first to try the experiment of putting an electric school bus on the roads of Quebec. In 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, we made the decision to invest again, this time in 27 Lion electric buses for our school services in the Saint-Jean and Sherbrooke areas of the Eastern Townships.

Convinced that it is our responsibility to improve the quality of life of our passangers and to prepare for the future by thinking of future generations, we have been supported from day one by the Government of Quebec and have built a lasting relationship of trust with our Quebec partner Lion Electric.

A commitment that we can be proud of and that is confirmed today. Our passengers, young and old, are healthier because they are less exposed to noise and emissions. Our carbon footprint is significantly reduced, limiting our impact on the environment and allowing us to fight global warming.

Our goal: 100% electric school buses in Quebec by 2025!


Today, as the largest electric bus operator in the world with 1800 electric buses in 13 different countries (excluding China), we know the goals we want to achieve for the common good across the country.

For the planet and for all territories, Transdev’s ambition is to electrify 100% of its school bus fleet by 2025 in Quebec and to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

We know that these future objectives are achievable thanks to the values of listening and the commitment that drives our teams daily : we will always go beyond our role as a public transit operator for the mobility of tomorrow.

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