Transdev and Ericsson experiment high-speed wireless connections for autonomous mobility services in Rouen (France)

Transdev véhicule autonome Ericsson connexions sans fil haut débit

Within the Rouen Normandy Autonomous Lab project, Transdev and Ericsson have deployed high-speed private network LTE data communications to ensure high-performance, secure and seamless mobility operations with autonomous vehicles.

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    The Rouen Normandy Autonomous Lab (RNAL) project, in Rouen (Normandy, France), is the first on-demand shared and autonomous mobility service on open roads in Europe operated with four Renault ZOEs and, soon, with an i-Cristal Transdev – Lohr shuttle. The partners of the RNAL project are Métropole Rouen Normandie, Région Normandie, Caisse des Dépôts Group, Transdev Group, Renault Group, Matmut Group and FEDER / Europe.

    To ensure high-performance, secure and seamless services it is mandatory to rely on robust and efficient wireless data communications. This Ericsson private LTE network, which will be live in March 2019, interconnects different parts of the Autonomous Transport System – ATS by Transdev: the autonomous vehicles, the connected infrastructure (sensors, LIDAR) and the supervision in the operating control center.

    The private LTE (4G+) network infrastructure set-up by Ericsson operates in three different 3GPP frequency bands (in the 2600 MHz range) and offers LTE network data speeds of 80 Mbit/s in downlink and 29 Mbit/s in uplink.

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    “The deployment and live operation of this Ericsson private LTE network is key for Transdev to enable reliable, high-performance, and secure communications within the ATS by Transdev. I am particularly pleased with the reliability and the quality of the communications ensured within this unique project on the European scene. As an operator, we at Transdev are today, and will be tomorrow, responsible for passenger safety, service quality and strive to provide the best customer experience,” said Yann Leriche, CEO of Transdev North America & Head of Autonomous Transport Systems.

    Ericsson, an associate partner of the RNAL project, is gaining significant expertise in ensuring reliable high speed wireless services for autonomous vehicle projects and is paving the way for next-generation wireless services.

    The cooperation with Transdev is a great opportunity for us to explore industry requirements towards 5G, using our critical mobile broadband solutions to deliver new customer experience as part of this exceptional autonomous vehicle project, unique in Europe. Our private LTE network improves significantly communications by providing secure and scalable new mobile broadband services.

    Franck Bouetard, Head of Ericsson France

    Transdev is committed to leading the way in mobility services by using fleets of shared autonomous vehicles that meet the highest standards for safety, quality of service and customer experience. With 3.5 million passengers transported in autonomous vehicles and 1.6 million km (1 million miles) traveled across Australia, Canada, France, Netherlands and the United States, Transdev is leader in operating shared autonomous mobility services.

    The partners intend to explore future cooperation and are currently investigating nextsteps for future autonomous vehicle experiments and commercial networks.

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