In Sweden, Transdev is supporting the transition to electric mobility

In both Umeå and Eskilstuna, we are supporting the future development of urban bus transportation. In both of these towns, electric mobility is an important factor when it comes to improving living conditions for inhabitants and is helping drive changes in their energy model.


Electric mobility, a benefit for public health

9 of the 66 buses operated by Transdev in Umeå are electric. This number is set to increase rapidly: by 2020, 25 new buses will have been delivered. From 2019 onwards, more than half of Umeå’s fleet will be operating without emitting pollutants.

In Eskilstuna, 12 of our 65 buses are already electric. They have an impressive autonomous operating range of 300 kilometers, are recharged at night and cover all of the 23 lines comprising the city’s network. Eskilstuna aims to completely phase out the use of fossil fuels for its transport in 2050. In the meantime, the electric buses are significantly improving the situation with a reduction in particle emissions of 30% planned for 2020. Silent and non-polluting, our electric vehicles improve the residents’ quality of life on a daily basis.

The objectives for the town of Elskiltsuna

of CO2 emissions
in 2020
of local transportation methods must be sustainable in 2030
zero emission
in 2050

Electric mobility is perfect for the town

The urban journeys are particularly well suited to electric mobility. There are frequent stops, especially in the town center. While diesel engines are running all the time, electric buses only consume energy when they are moving. Designed for Sweden’s extreme temperatures, our buses combine environmental protection, comfort and high-performance services. In doing so, Transdev is providing these two towns with concrete solutions to tackle global warming and air pollution.

Did-you-know ?

The Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) are trailblazers in electric mobility in Europe.

The service we provide in Umeå and in Eskilstuna clearly demonstrates our wish to adapt to the specific characteristics of each country, against a backdrop of changing uses and the transformation of mobility. This is the application of the “P.A.C.E” concept: building mobility solutions for our clients which are Personalized, Autonomous, Connected and Electric.