Nantes, a showcase for energy transition

The city of Nantes is a pioneer in the implementation of clean transportation in France. We support it in the maintenance of its network by promoting the use of public transportation and the development of innovative solutions: river shuttle using hydrogen technology and the deployment in September 2018 of 100% electric bi-articulated buses. The result? In Nantes, diesel vehicles represent today a small percentage of the bus fleet!

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An outstanding range of “clean” transit solutions

The city of Nantes is a trailblazer in its commitment to clean public transit. It introduced the tram system in 1985; it makes extensive use of natural gas (NGV), hybrid buses and the Navibus, a hydrogen-powered river shuttle service

The city has always displayed an incredible capacity for innovation where energy transition is concerned. As a signatory of the “Objectif CO2” charter, it has made zero-emission transportation a priority.

Transdev supports the people of Nantes on a daily basis by operating and maintaining whole of the city’s public transit network. This was significantly reinforced with seven additional Chronobus lines, which entered service between 2012 and 2013. With a punctuality rate of 94% and a frequency of 82 trams per hour at peak times where the three lines meet in the city center, Transdev guarantees a high level of performance and does everything possible to achieve easy, trouble-free use of the public transit network.

A flagship city for new mobility solutions in Europe

The results speak for themselves: Nantes is a showcase for new mobility methods both in France and Europe. With an average of 195 trips annually per inhabitant, Nantes is in second place nationwide in France. Better still, 90% of the 380 buses run by Transdev now use NGV. And both Nantes and Transdev are determined to stay ahead!

In the autumn of 2018, the city launched a 100% bi-articulated electric bus offering a high level of service: the e-Busway. The first of its kind in Europe! Comfortable, silent and offering a high capacity, it is already making the public transport network more attractive. In 2019, 20 e-Busway vehicles of this kind will enter circulation. Which is guaranteed to make life even easier for the people of Nantes while making the town even greener!

e-Busway, the electric bus rapid transit

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