Providing access to a private site or site with restricted access

What do business parks, ports, airports, hospitals, industrial sites and nuclear power stations all have in common?

They are all private sites or sites with restricted access. Consequently, how can we make it easier for workers and visitors to travel to and within these areas, where access is limited and often prohibited for personal vehicles?

Autonomous transport services provide an ideal solution to this problem. They can offer workers and visitors a regular service to and from key places in these sites, using fixed-line or on-demand transport systems. Thanks to a dedicated app, everybody can enjoy this smooth, personalised and comfortable travel experience.

We work together with local authorities to select and design the most suitable solution to ensure seamless integration within the existing transport network.

Example: Rungis

In order to provide people working at the Icade Orly-Rungis Business Park with an alternative lunch destination, Transdev has introduced an autonomous open-road shuttle transport service that stops every 8 minutes at the main company restaurants. This project, led by the Caisse des Dépôts, Icade and Transdev, is the first of its kind in France!


18,000 staff from 220 companies benefit from this innovative, environmentally-friendly and attractive mobility solution.

Operating between 12pm and 2pm, two electric shuttles by EasyMile, a French manufacturer, each with a capacity of 12 people, provided a daily service covering 1.25 km during the three-month trial conducted between September and December 2017.

Using the Transdev Autonomous app, employees were able to pinpoint the exact location of the shuttles in real time and could see the waiting time at the various stops (Augusta, Robert Schuman and Gustave Eiffel).

This autonomous shuttle transport service, provided in addition to the travel options already in place at the business park, was one of the “smart city area demonstrators” launched in 2016 by the Caisse des Dépôts Group. This system, conducted in partnership with local authorities, aims to explore intelligent solutions to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

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