major light rail systems
167 million
passenger trips
each year globally

Transdev is a well-positioned and experienced partner for integrated high quality rail services. With over 167 million rail passengers per year globally, we serve people on the move through an innovative approach to mobility. Our implementation and operation of integrated rail solutions connect people, communities and regions, ensuring improved mobility and a sustainable future.


To get a train to a platform at a specified time is the product of a complex set of interdependent processes that goes beyond the operating system. Mastery of all aspects of these intricate and comprehensive sequences is what distinguishes Transdev’s rail services.

With demographic growth, the intensification of road congestion and the collective awareness of the environmental interest, building the smart city is a major challenge of the twenty-first century.

Transdev’s teams are, every day, working alongside Canadian territories and cities. As a pioneer in integrated mobility and world leader in the operation of light rail networks, we support them in the renewal of city centres through sustainable and innovative solutions for users.

Our experience at the service of the future Hurontario LRT light rail system

It is to succeed in this major challenge of developing Canada’s transportation infrastructure that, since October 2019, we have been fully committed within the Mobilinx consortium to the Hurontario LRT project in the Toronto area.


This new electric light rail system, which will connect Mississauga to Brampton in 2024, will be a new, reliable, more sustainable and environmentally friendly way to travel through the region’s densest area. Our teams are proud to offer our Canadian customers our world-renowned expertise in improving the quality of life of users and in new mobility:

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Transdev is a leading operator of rail and light rail around the world. We operate inter-city and inter-region trains in Germany in 16 contract locations, light rail systems in some 18 cities in France plus Sydney, and Barcelona, plus streetcar systems in Cincinnati, Detroit and Milwaukee in the U.S., and many more.

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As a world leader in the operation of tramway (light rail) networks, we are supporting clients in the renewal of city centers as well as catalyzing regional development.

  • Light rail systems are both quiet and environmentally friendly, and when well- designed can free streets from car traffic, enable the development of new economic hubs and the extension of pedestrian areas — while contributing to the beautification of center cities.
  • We help clients organize a multitude of modes around its connection hubs, offering passengers freedom of movement on a daily basis.


In October 2019, Transdev Canada, as part of the Mobilinx consortium, won a contract worth approximately $4.6 billion CDN for a tramway project in the Toronto area.

As part of the consortium, we are responsible for the operation, maintenance and rehabilitation for a 30-year period.

$4.6 billion
Hurontario Street

Future Growth in Canada

The next 15 years will be decisive in Canada for the development of transportation infrastructures.


In recent years, transit authorities and the government have reviewed existing rail networks and have formulated plans for the future. Transdev is preparing itself to participate in the bidding process of many of the projects that will undoubtedly be initiated in the coming years. We are committed to being a participant in the exciting future that will emerge in Canada in rail and in new mobility.


Our rail team is currently working on bids in Hamilton and Hurontario and is a member of key consortia that have formed in both of these visible projects. We have extensive experience helping clients plan, build and operate rail networks that have dramatically increased quality of life and daily mobility in cities around the world and are very committed to working in a similar way with clients in Canada.

A Partner in Everything from Design, to Operations to Maintenance

+ than 180
local authorities and partners

Construction of new lines, extensions, renovation work … our international expertise extends beyond vehicles, but includes transport lanes, energy, and ticketing and digital systems. Our subsidiary Transamo offers four project management solutions:

  • Project management: From the design to the implementation of public transport projects (providing support or project supervision)
  • Mobility studies: To justify and design projects for local authorities and urban transport authorities
  • Systems, maintenance and operations: Multi-disciplinary, technical expertise to ensure the feasibility, sustainability and operability of projects
  • Advisory services and project management: Methods and tools to structure and pilot projects while respecting performance objectives, timeframes and costs

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