In Florida, Transdev is ensuring that everyone has access to transit services

With the HART HyperLINK service, Transdev is improving access to low geographical density areas that are often inadequately served by public transit. In Tampa, we offer those living far away from a bus stop a dynamic “on-demand” solution, providing transportation from the first to the last mile.

transdev transport à la demande sur mesure TAD hyperlink on demande door to door

A tailored service to get people to and from public transit stops

Developed for Hillsborough Area Regional Transit, the HyperLINK solution serves four areas, each with a radius of 5 kilometers, thanks to a fleet of sixteen vehicles including four Teslas. It means that passengers can easily get to or from public transit stops at highly affordable prices between €0.80 and €2.40. Our fast and personalized service, which offers the same comfort levels as private transportation, can be booked at the last minute by telephone or by means of a dedicated application. This is run as a white label solution for the organizing transport authority, HART.

A great deal of information about passenger behavior is collected, completely anonymously, enabling us to incorporate the latest route-planning technology in the application.

A monthly increase of 42% in passenger numbers from the very first year

Since it was launched in November 2016, HyperLINK has carried more than 5,000 passengers each month and has seen its passenger numbers increase exponentially with an average monthly growth rate of 42%. All of this while maintaining excellent customer satisfaction ratings. Out of 20,000 trips rated, our average score allocated by passengers is 4.86 out of 5. It’s certainly encouraging!

per month
increase in passenger numbers each month
customer satisfaction rating