Transdev in Canada

Transdev is present throughout North America, with a strong presence in Canada. While most Canadian activities are concentrated in the East, in Québec and Ontario, Transdev is developing partnerships across the country.

In fact, Transdev offers several public transit options in Canada, with a team of more than 1,300 employees. Collectively, they operate approximately 650 vehicles and provide about 1,000,000 hours of service to more than 100 municipalities, school boards and regions across Canada. Transdev offers innovative mobility solutions designed and developed to meet the needs of all its communities.

We provide Canadians with sustainable mobility solutions in a country where distances are vast. Bringing Canadians together and providing effective public transit are our short and medium term goals. Canada represents a future market for Transdev. This is why the Canadian division is one of the most dynamic of the entire Transdev Group. The potential for development reflects the immensity of Canada!

We leverage our expertise in Canada with the same passion and the same commitment to our clients. As is true worldwide, we aim to provide service and excellence. We implement smart grids that not only improve Canadians’ mobility in their cities and their country, but also reduce the environmental impact of public transport.

In Alberta:

  • The Valley Line is an expansion of Edmonton’s already impressive light rail system.
  • Phase one of the project involves building 11 street-level stops and a new station at Davies for a 13.1-kilometre LRT line, which will connect the busy Mill Woods Town Centre (Southeast of the City) to existing stops in Edmonton’s bustling City Centre. These new connections will allow for added transit access and usability throughout greater Edmonton.  Project construction will begin in 2016 and service is expected to begin in 2020.
  • Transdev will oversee all aspects of operations for the Valley Line LRT, including developing the operations plan and all operating procedures, delivering training, and providing day-to-day management of the system.

In Ontario:

  • In Ontario, Transdev Canada is based in York, a suburb of Toronto. The York team has more than 300 employees, who travel more than 8M kilometres yearly.
  • Transdev operates more than 130 buses in York. These buses follow 33 routes that include school bus routes, express bus routes, municipal mass transit bus routes, as well as community bus routes.
  • In York, Transdev Canada leverages innovation to provide excellent customer service, payment applications, cameras on buses, interior and exterior pedestrian alerts, etc.

In Québec:

  • In la Belle Province, the Transdev team includes 1,000 employees. They operate 550 vehicles and provide more than 700,000 hours of service in over 100 municipalities, school boards and intermunicipal transit councils.
  • Transdev offers multimodal transport solutions to different cities and communities in order to meet the specific needs of each city, town or community it serves. We also offer numerous specialized services, according to clientele.
  • Our school bus, para transit, city and intercity buses unite Quebecers by travelling, in total, 30M kilometres a year within the province.
  • We are also mandated by the SAAQ to undertake mechanical inspections and provide technical expertise for Québec’s heavy vehicles.